Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Stairway to Hamstring Strength

Many people who come into our office complain about their hamstrings. The hamstrings consist of three distinct muscle tissues located in the back of the thigh. The average person spends the majority of their day sitting: at the office, eating, driving or riding in a vehicle, and watching TV. This frequent sitting creates limitations of the hamstrings. Hamstring limitations can lead to over activation of the muscles in the front of the leg, knee pain, poor balance, as well as calf and foot complaints.
Hamstring muscles

In most cases, this limitation is a combination of muscle adhesion and weak muscle issues. The muscle adhesion needs to be resolved with Manual Adhesion Release. The weak muscle tissues can be strengthened with targeted exercise and incorporating mindful staircase climbing into your daily routine. When climbing stairs, skip a step to have your whole foot in contact with the stair. Now drive through your heels with each step. This activates and strengthens the hamstring muscles.

Stairway to Hamstring Strength

Making the choice to take the stairs mindfully, versus using the elevator or escalator, allows you to work towards strengthening your muscles, as well as improving your balance and health. It is a choice of doing what is right for your body, instead of what is easy. 😤

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