Friday, May 10, 2019

The secret to a pain free life is...

Do you feel like you are on a tightrope and one misstep will trigger your painThis month we are diving deeper into the pain management continuum, to the origin of why most people experience pain.
Balance is the key
The secret to a pain free life is balance. Each person’s life has many demands that pull or knock us, in many directions. These include responsibilities of family caregiving, career demands, recreation, and fitness pursuits, so it’s easy to see how our health became a low priority. The usual story is that a person feels “mostly fine”, begins to notice something “different” when moving or doing an activity, and then “something’s terribly wrong!” A part of our body starts to jab or scream at us to let us know, “Hey, this is a problem, do something about this!” 

This is when people feel they are walking on a tight rope and don’t know where they are headed. It’s extremely difficult to maintain your balance when you can’t look at where the path is leading.  The purpose of this continuum is to show your options and empower you to make the right decision for you to get back to balanced and pain free.
Pain Management Continuum
To achieve freedom from pain in a balanced way you have to get to the right provider. They must explain what the physical and mechanical factors are that are causing your problem. This concept of what you ask your body to do vs. what your body can handle is fundamental. This applies to your whole body but also each individual joint and muscle. Click here for a brief video on this topic.

Freedom from pain

On the “ask our body to do” side we have your daily activities, habits, work position, repetitive motions or sports. On the “ability” side we have ability to function, including movement, and strength. When we are out of balance the “ask our body to do” side will be overloaded. This overload leads to muscle adhesion and functional restriction with movement. Eventually this overloaded area becomes a problem, gradually worsening until it hurts, “Hey, this is a problem, do something about this!”

To solve the problem, first we need to restore the health and function to the overused muscles and joints. Only then can we add specific and simple exercises to balance strength. After restoring function, all that is left is to understand how to maintain the balance given the demands on our body and any limitations in structure or function. For you to be healthy, you need to have a surplus “ability” of what your body can handle when compared to what you are “asking it to do”. 

Our job at Rochester Spine + Sports Chiropractic is to be the best we can be at providing exactly what you need to be as healthy as possible for as long as possible. If that is the destination you have in mind as you walk your tightrope of life, I am the expert you seek, call now 678-1362, for your consultation

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

How can I manage my pain?


How can I manage my pain?
Pain is a signal from our body that something is wrong. At Rochester Spine + Sports Chiropractic, we see people frustrated and struggling with pain. They need an answer. 
The impact goes beyond the one hurting too. Pain impacts other relationships, especially your loved one’s. Many people are searching for answer and just don’t know where to go, or who to trust. This diagram holds the answers to how you can take back your power, resolve your pain and live freely.
Over the next six months we are going to take you on a journey through your pain management options. On the left, we have conservative care.
  • Balance: applies to your whole life and within each area of your body.
  • Soft tissue: refers to the muscle problem, known as adhesion. This problem is a big deal that repetitively and reliably demonstrates why people are in pain.
  • Herbal: describes how nutrition, our food and nature’s medicine, herbs, can be used heal and enhance our existence. 
As we approach the invasive side on the right, we have...
  • Medication: where we seek to take something to alleviate our pain.
  • Injections: which are targeted applications of chemicals to overpower our bodies' normal feedback mechanisms, including pain.
  • Surgery: all doctors agree should be attempted only after conservative methods have not been successful, or in an emergency situation.
Every person and their healthcare providers want the same thing… successful and sustained results for the patient.  Health care providers have different training and experience when it comes to how to manage pain. 

In our office, as a conservative care expert, I will earn your trust. We provide an accurate diagnosis, teach you about your options, apply the most advanced soft tissue specialist skills to eliminate pain and help you understand balance to keep your body pain free. Our mission is to move a person closer to their vision of optimal health, it starts with freedom from pain. 

Our goal is to provide the best results, that can be sustained for a long time with the least risk of harm. Call now, 678-1362, to schedule a consultation with the doctor to find out whether our office has the answer to help you or a loved one struggling with pain. 

Dr. Matt Buffan

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

New Year: Improve You

Happy 2019 and a 2018 Reflection.

For the last few years I have adopted a one-word intention for the year ahead. My word for 2019 is "Elevate". Before moving upward, I have decided to reflect back on 2018 with a few words: joy, evolve, and growth.
  • Joy: My values are centered in love, freedom, and learning through shared experience. The ability to travel and invest time with my sweetheart of a wife allowed me to observe her spark, excitement, and passion for helping people through functional nutrition and health coaching. She was raised in a foodie household and has a true passion for creating in the kitchen, so it's a natural and perfect fit. We have experienced multiple herbal and nutritional education courses led by Dr. Michael Gaeta and Dr. Annette Schippel to advance our perspective on the effectiveness nature provides in herbs and whole foods on supporting the body's natural functioning. Maddie hold private health coaching sessions with her clients to help create and implementate personalized functional nutritional programs on Mondays and Thursdays. To learn more about Maddie, Wellness Awakened, and services offered, visit her website.
(Above left to right: Dr. Matt Buffan, Dr. Annette Schippel, Maddie Buffan)
  • Evolve: A pillar guiding this evolution has been the Integrative Diagnosis community. This dedicated group of providers, led by Dr. William Brady, continues to push the edge of the musculoskeletal stratosphere. The Integrative Diagnosis certified doctors routinely demonstrate how to provide conservative care for pain and movement dysfunction. The limitations of a provider's sensation and skill with the human hand are overcome with every seminar and intentional repetition. The Integrative Diagnosis system has been meticulously calibrated to maximize treatment efficacy, individual understanding, and appropriate reality matched decision making. This level of service elevates every patient who invests their time and energy into improved physical function. The journey over the last ten years fills my humility and devotion to my quest to provide inspirational healing.
    Integrative Diagnosis Cervical Certified Doctors